Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise

we can really maximise any existing Stealthwatch deployment and execute brand new Deployments that hit the ground running


With Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise, you can benefit from unparalleled visibility into your network to detect unwanted and malicious traffic to support security risk reduction and police your network as part of IT Operational Policies. Stealthwatch Enterprise can be deployed on any point on a network.

With our service offerings, we can really maximise any existing Stealthwatch deployment and execute brand new Deployments that hit the ground running.

If you are looking for Stealthwatch option with a lighter-resource footprint, checkout our Stealthwatch Cloud Services page.

Examples of Stealthwatch Use Cases

  • Detecting unwanted user traffic including  accessing non-business content such as social media, video streaming, cryptomining, also illegal content
  • Detecting known malicious actors connection attempts and successful connections into the network
  • Detecting Data Loss and Exfiltration
  • Detecting unknown devices on the network
  • Detecting applications and abnormal network routing

Examples of Work

We helped a Global Telco with their existing Stealthwatch Enterprise deployment by assessing their entire environment and expanding the coverage enabling discovery of bad-network actors and traffic they were previously unaware of.

Areas We Can Help With

  • Asset Identification and Security Requirements
  • Device Sizing and Protection Scoping for On-premise Deployments using both Physical and Virtual platforms
  • Proof-of Concept Deployments
  • Equipment sourcing and delivery
  • High-level and Low-level Design
  • Deployment and Integration
  • Existing Deployment Assessment and Recommendations
  • Performance and Detection Signature Tuning
  • Upgrade Testing and Production Upgrades
  • Integration to Cisco Security Investigation tools including ThreatGrid, Cyber Threat Response and SecureX
  • Managed Security and Operational Services
  • Service Wrapper and Use Case Design
  • Training Courses for Engineers, Security Analysts and Management/Executives

Maximise Your Investment

Integrate the Cisco Firepower platform and other Cisco products with Cisco’s SecureX and Threat Response; where events of interest are collated together to provide rapid threat containment advise within seconds of detection.

Integrate Cisco Firepower with Stealthwatch and ISE for automated end-point quarantine and added intelligence context.

Why Choose Accordant

  • Global Outreach with experience working in Manufacturing, Government, Service Provider, Utility and Public Sector
  • Deliver full end-to-end Solutions for requirement scoping to implementation and tuning
  • Procurement support with better lead times than direct with vendor
  • Individual assessment, tuning and training services
  • Access to full wraparound services including Use Case development, Operational Service Development and Programme Management
  • Business Case Development, IT Financial Management and Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Managed Services for Security and Operations