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In a world of rapid change, we empower you to evolve at pace.

About Us

Every day brings new business challenges: a global pandemic, new regulation, shifting geopolitics, changing customer expectations. Meanwhile, the demand for digital transformation has accelerated exponentially – as a society, we’re at least 7 years ahead of where we thought we’d be.

What hasn’t changed is the commercial necessity to continually cost cut and drive productivity. We understand the pressures you face. And we can help.

Accordant offer a future-focussed safe pair of hands: we are the people who can navigate you through the pitfalls of cybersecurity, crunch the economics of your system upgrade and drive strategic change through better decision-making.

A partner of choice to leaders, governments and global organisations.

We act as an extension of your team, taking a collaborative and pragmatic hands-on approach to tailor solutions that enable your business goals. Organisations of all sizes and sectors choose to work with us and we are proud to count some of the world’s largest companies among our clients.

The best of the market, brought together.

We couple a deep expertise in technology with best-in-market solutions: IT strategy, financial management, cybersecurity and transformation. It makes it easier for you to access joined-up services – simple.

Social value is in our psyche.

Business leaders often miss the opportunity to capture the social and environmental benefits of transformation – such as enhanced wellbeing, safer neighbourhoods or reduced carbon emissions. With us, you will always get a fully rounded view of the value you create – it’s in our DNA.

Our promise: a transparent, first-class service.

Above all, we are committed to providing the highest level of service, transparency and reliability to each and every one of our customers.

Our Purpose

We believe in empowering businesses to do what they do best: to discover, create and reinvent, in tune with the changing needs of our time. We celebrate the spirit of ingenuity which spurs human progress.

But we don’t believe that progress should come at the expense of our shared security. Technology creates opportunity and risk in equal measures – it takes a skilled navigator to lead people safely through change.

To us, a harmonious future is one where internet usage doesn’t compromise the safety or wellbeing of our young people; where smarter payment systems don’t wreak havoc with customer data; where remote working should enable, not prevent, a sense of community.

Underpinning all of this, we believe in the power of technology as a force for good – a tool that can be harnessed in the fight against climate change and in the creation of a fairer society for all.

Our purpose is to empower our clients and communities to realise the value of progress.

We harness our deep expertise in technology to inspire confidence in a safe, smart and harmonious future for all.

Our People

David Fardoe

Founder and Chairman

With over 30 years’ experience, both as a customer and supplier of IT services, Dave has a passionate belief in empowering the business through efficient and effective use of IT services, in the office, and on the move.
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Darren Piper


With over 20 years’ experience working in IT and Security as a highly focused Programme / Senior Project Manager, managing diverse IT and security projects.
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Phil Hyde

Cyber Security Director

Phil is one of the main drivers behind our Cyber Security capability. With wide experience helping global customers with their Network and Cyber Security, Phil brings the right balance of Business and Technology to the table.
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William O’Brien

Business Development Director

William brings extensive global experience in sales and services. He excels in effectively mapping technology products and services to business challenges, thereby helping to create and deliver value and enhance the strategic outcome of any given enterprise. He has a strong commitment to customer relations, service and satisfaction.
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Mary-Anne Fardoe

Director, Social Media

Our Social Media and Collaboration Evangelist. Relaxes off-line with yoga – Om!
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Anja Convey

Account Director

With over 20 years’ experience Anja has managed a range of support and delivery services across the banking, retail and telco sectors. Her experience also transgresses non-IT fields; delivery of executive administration/support, and delivery of a multi-million-pound office fit-out.
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