Transparency, Completness and Science Based.

Our Carbon Footprint

We seek to source our energy from 100% renewable sources.

We minimise business travel and use optimised routes, remote working and video links.

We encourage the use of Electric Vehicles.

We recycle waste and endevour to deliver our services electronically or using recycled materials where possible.

We choose partners and suppliers that have robust Carbon reduction, Sustanability and circularity planning in products and operations.

where we cannot reduce or eliminate emissions we mitigate.

We operate to quality and environmental standards. ISO 9000 and ISO 14001.

Contact us for our full Environmental policy.

Our Social Impact

We have robust social value pledges.

We operate flexible working arrangements, fair pay at or above a living wage.

We are inclusive and non-discriminatory.

We assess our projects for social impact and develop mitigation strategies accordingly.

We report social as well as carbon impacts annually

we subject ourselves to rigourous standards and are proud to have achieved he social value award.

Our Mitigations

We recognise that however robust our reduction and recycling program is there will be circumstances that throw us off course. The recent energy price hikes in 2021 sent many providers into liquidation and forced some of our teams into using energy providers that were not 100% renewable. Whilst they switch back we continue to over mitigate accordingly.

We use Ecologi and subscribe to the regular Employee offset and investment accounts. In addition we operate an impact account where we mitigate for unforseen events, like the one above or, large company wide meetings like our Christmas get together.

Reduction of emissions, recycling or materials, choosing partners and suppliers wisely are key pillars of our strategy. Science based targets, transparency and completness coupled with mitigation and investment complete the mix.