AccSL® is our Carbon, Social and Financial value platform.

You can’t reduce what you don’t measure…

Reduce your Carbon footprint

Measure and Record your emissions by Operating company, global organisation, national entity or local office.

Across the globe organisations are being directed to measure carbon footprint and to report on their plans to reduce the impact – AccSL® helps by giving you the platform to measure and record those emissions and classify them accordingly.

Once you have a measure and a point in time, you have a baseline against which you can track progress. Our web based platform enables capture and recording of emissions and consolidates the data into standard reports such as 06/21 using the latest DEFRA emissions factors.

Our consultants and specialsits can help develop the data capture and metrics needed to make annual reporting easy and giving you clear targets on reduction and mitigation.

Report your Social Value

Report on social impact, Reporting is now central to many government agencies and the supply chains they use. Using recognised Social Value Models, AccSL® can help you capture the social impacts your business has as well as the mitigations you deploy.

This single pane of glass view allows your business to report on the entire spectrum of Environmental Social Governance to the latest standards and with minimal overhead.

Reduce your impact. Turning an impact into a benefit is only possible if you can clearly measure and understand the relationships between elements. Our consultants have years of experience working with clients in all sectors to deliver measurable and positive change.

Identify your return on investment

Organisations have long understood the benefit of solid financial planning and being able to build a robust business case is part of that.

With AccSL® you can quickly evaluate a project or service and assess its ROI, operating cost and cashflow. Sit this alongside the ability to determe the project and services Carbon and Social foot prints and you have a comprehensive project and service evaluation capability availble wherever you are.

AccSL® is unique as it includes the ability to look at the three pillars of ESG for your organisation, your service or a specific project.

We believe in empowering businesses to do what they do best: to discover, create and reinvent, in tune with the changing needs of our time. We celebrate the spirit of ingenuity which spurs human progress.

But we don’t believe that progress should come at the expense of our shared security. Technology creates opportunity and risk in equal measures – it takes a skilled navigator to lead people safely through change.

To us, a harmonious future is one where internet usage doesn’t compromise the safety or wellbeing of our young people; where smarter payment systems don’t wreak havoc with customer data; where remote working should enable, not prevent, a sense of community.

Underpinning all of this, we believe in the power of technology as a force for good – a tool that can be harnessed in the fight against climate change and in the creation of a fairer society for all.

Our purpose is to empower our clients and communities to realise the value of progress.

We harness our deep expertise in technology to inspire confidence in a safe, smart and harmonious future for all.

Dave Fardoe
Founder, Accordant Solutions