Web Application Firewall

Full-lifecycle protection of your Web Applications and also individual services.



  • On-premise website/API protection using the Imperva Securesphere appliance; available in physical and virtual formats
  • Externally hosted/private and public Cloud Website/API protection using Securesphere in native Cloud of Imperva WAFaaS. This is also handy for protecting websites in rapid fashion where deploying an on-premise appliance may be not be achieved as quickly as needed
  • DDOS protection – protection against DDOS attacks without introducing latency and interfering with user data transmission
  • Website content delivery using the caching solution to reduce the amount of real bandwidth used, increasing page loading time and reducing load of internet pipes


  • Injection (both SQL and HTTP)
  • Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • Authentication Exfiltration
  • Buffer Overflow
  • Cookie Poisoning

We do offer a fixed Imperva WAF Assessment Service, where we will carry out an assessment of your existing deployments, produce a report including recommendations then present it and help you understand the benefits from the recommended changes. We can also bundle this with a small implementation package should you need help implementing changes.

AREAS WE CAN HELP WITH                                                                  

  • Asset Identification and Security Requirements
  • Device Sizing and Protection Scoping for On-premise, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Private Cloud Deployments
  • Proof-of Concept Deployments
  • Equipment sourcing and delivery
  • High-level and Low-level Design
  • Deployment and Integration
  • Existing Deployment Assessment and Recommendations
  • Performance and Detection Signature Tuning
  • Upgrade Testing and Production Upgrades
  • Managed Security and Operational Services
  • Service Wrapper and Use Case Design

Why Choose Accordant

  • Global Outreach with experience working in Manufacturing, Government, Service Provider, Utility and Public Sector
  • Deliver full end-to-end Solutions for requirement scoping to implementation and tuning
  • Procurement support with better lead times than direct with vendor
  • Individual assessment, tuning and training services
  • Access to full wraparound services including Use Case development, Operational Service Development and Programme Management
  • Business Case Development, IT Financial Management and Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Managed Services for Security and Operations