Security Without Stress

Pretty much everyone is currently talking about Cyber Security – and that’s great because we’ve been doing exactly that for years; so it’s brilliant that it’s now on all our agendas. And yet…

As you read the press it’s such a huge topic, hard and expensive.  Enterprise and business customers just want it to work; if you’re an employee or user, you want it invisible. Above all else, you don’t want it to keep you awake at night! As far as Accordant is concerned it shouldn’t.

Cyber Security can be deployed in so many ways – there is a solution to fit your business and your budget. Risk is not universal, and solutions are not one size for all. Begin by working out how you want your solution to be – do you have resources to manage it? If so, maybe you want to keep it in-house; yet maybe you just want it to work – so perhaps a Security-as-a-Service option may then be a better fit.

What is your level of risk? – maybe your organisation has sensitive and critical IP; stuff, that if lost, could affect your business and share price. In this case, solutions need to be multi-layered and include things like Data Loss Prevention. If your business doesn’t have that level of IP, then DLP may be overkill.

At Accordant, we don’t just work with the technologies, we work with the business, making sure that the solution is the right one for you today, and with an eye on tomorrow. Last year remote working was a “nice to have”; today it’s essential, and business critical. Security isn’t just about the kit either. People are key – good password discipline may be obvious, yet so is education – “Why do I have to lock that screen every time I walk away?”

And financial – If you’re going to invest, you want a return. So, what does good look like to the CFO? – with cashflow, Profit & Loss and ROI analysis, we can help explain all that too.

Whether you are a provider of solutions, end client, or an intermediary, we have a solution to help you – the right fit, and the right return for your business, your customers and your staff. Talk to us today.

Featured Image by:  Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels


David Fardoe

Author David Fardoe

With over 30 years’ experience, both as a customer and supplier of IT services, Dave has a passionate belief in empowering the business through efficient and effective use of IT services, in the office, and on the move.

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